I feel like everyone should get the chance to meet Lily. We met through a mutual friend and bonded over our mutual likeness of nakedness. We scheduled a day for picture-taking and ended up talking for hours. I was half-listening and half-watching her talk. She comes from years of dancing and yoga, so she gives off this amazing vibe of kindness and coolness. Her hands and body flowed like Pocahontas on the river. (Ha, you know exactly what I'm talking about.) We talked about careers, lack of plans, our upbringings, books, her spontaneous move to Thailand, what it's like to date men, our goals to move west, of not staying in one place, contentment with less money and more experiences, family, Baltimore - we covered a lot of topics and managed to create some amazing portraits at the same time. Work that I'm really proud and excited about. 

Lily lives on the top floor of a warehouse in Baltimore city. Enough said. Go ahead and play this song by Vicktor Taiwò while you scroll through.

*Boudoir photos are only shared with explicit permission; Women celebrating womanhood.


I've worked in a locally-owned lingerie and bra-fitting boutique for years. Meeting and listening to all different types of women has been one of my favorite parts of the job. Many different things are said behind those curtained dressing rooms; tears, jumps-for-joy, half-naked hugs, champagne-induced laughter, and real conversations. It's amazing how many people open up and are willing to tell you about their lives when they are half-dressed. Most women have something about their body that they don't like, and some walk with an extra strut in their step because they know their bra matches their panty (which matches their outfit). Importantly, we talk about our bodies and what's healthy for us

So, when I started out doing boudoir photos, my primary reason was so women would know they are beautiful, sexy, and deserve to show it off. Show off who you are now, the accomplishment of having a baby, of not having a baby, the exercise and healthy work you've done, the work you haven't done, for you.

I am beyond excited to share these photos. Boudoir is easily becoming my favorite thing to shoot. Jess is amazing, and totally sells those Calvin Kleins. 

*Boudoir photos are only shared with explicit permission; Women celebrating womanhood.